iPhone vs. Android

I intentionally waited several weeks after the Steve Jobs patented Post-iPhone-Purchase-Euphoriaâ„¢ wore off to post this.

In short, I really like the iPhone 5 and realized immediately why these devices are so popular (yeah, yeah, 5 years behind everyone else). They just work.

What I like: The speed of the device, the simplicity of the interface, iMessage (I no longer ignore group messages that used to come in as separate MMS on my Android), Facetime.

To be fair, I came from an older model Android phone and I know the platform has improved greatly since then. I carried a Droid Incredible 2 with CyanogenMod 7 installed. While not it’s not an app, CyanogenMod received the CeBIT 2013 “Best Open Source Mobile App for Inclusion and Accessibility”. It adds a lot of custom functionality that allows you to tweak the heck out of your Android phone – exactly the opposite of the iPhone. However, I’ve found that the benefits and performance of the iPhone hardware and software outweigh those things that I miss about my old Android.

What I miss: The back button – no matter what app or menu I was in, the Android back button would take me…well, back to where I was! I miss the top status bar with icons waiting to be acted upon – the iPhone requires you to pull down the top status bar for this same type of functionality, so it’s not usable “at a glance.” I miss having the centralized panel in Android to turn on/off my Wifi, airplane mode, etc. The iPhone requires you to go into settings to do these things. The Android’s default alarm clock would pop up a notification “Alarm is set 45 minutes from now.” This was helpful as an additional safeguard to make sure that you didn’t mix up AM/PM when you set the alarm – the default iPhone alarm doesn’t have that. Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but I can’t seem to “dismiss” a meeting like I could in Android. That or the meeting doesn’t reflect what I’ve already chosen in my Outlook client like Android did. It wants me to send another acceptance even though I’ve already responded to the meeting request.

All in all, I’m a satisfied iPhone 5 owner, but I’m glad I’ve tried phones on both sides of the Google/Apple chasm.

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