What is 4G?

If you’ve seen any Sprint commercials lately (or you’re just a nerd like me) you may have heard the term “4G” thrown around quite a bit. 4G refers to the next generation of wireless data communication standards. Two competing flavors are currently in use or in the process of being deployed around the US: WiMAX and LTE. Both standards promise lower latency and higher transfer rates.

I found it interesting how, in this video, Verizon’s CTO envisions LTE devices becoming ubiqutious. He predicts that they will be embedded in cars, appliances, and electronics. I have a hunch that LTE will soon eclipse the WiMAX standard currently used by service providers Sprint and Clear. Telecom giants AT&T and Verizon have committed to LTE and have a nice chunk of radio spectrum in which to deploy it. In fact, we may see LTE devices released by Verizon as soon as 4Q 2010.