Monthly Archives: April 2011

What They Don’t See

I’m training for the 20k of Brussels. While I’ve never run a 20k or even a 10k for that matter, I thought this would be a fun and memorable challenge in my new home city.

While on a training run last week, I thought about what it will be like to cross the finish line. As I trudge on, undoubtedly gasping for air, I may even hear a few assorted cheers from the crowd.

What I realized is that the spectators standing along the finish line will only see the finished product. What they won’t see is the weekly training runs and all of the physical exertion that comes before race day.

I was reminded of Ramit’s article about acing tough job interviews. It’s obvious that serious preparation for a race or important business presentation is essential. However, Ramit describes that, for a fellow college student, “there was a game going on around him that he didn’t even realize.” Other students preparing for the same interview had been preparing for hours every day.

In situations like this, I’m trying not the be the guy who’s doesn’t even know about “the game.” It will take a conscious effort to learn what it means to be absolutely ready for a given task.