Monthly Archives: January 2012

How to Present

Here’s my personal crash course on presentation skills:

1. Each word must earn it’s place on the slide – the fewer the better.

2. Make your text appear point-by-point on the screen. This method is much easier to follow than displaying a slide-full of text all at once. Use the basic “Appear” animation in PowerPoint, not the goofy ones.

3. When speaking, finish your sentences strongly – don’t trail off quietly at the end. I refused to believe that I had this problem until I listened to a recording of myself.

4. Pause. Pausing helps your audience digest the information and gives you a chance to collect your thoughts between topics.

5. If you have to say “Sorry, this is kind of small…” or “I don’t know if you can see this line…” then you’ve failed. Make it bigger and impossible to miss.